Welcome to one geek, one keyboard.  I am... well I'm the geek who calls this blog home.  Throughout my life I've been constantly been around technology.  Starting with my father's classic Franklin Ace 1200 and the old VCR in the front room I quickly started pouring over all manuals, books, tv shows, and other misc bits of knowledge I could find while others were watching Sesame Street.  I am a geek, and I am happy with that.

 I put together this page as a place initially to start doing a mental dump.  I got a few good articles up here, then life went sideways and I had to put the page on the back burner.  Now that some free time has cropped up I've decided to retool the site.  For now you'll still find the occasional 1g1k tech article, and soon you'll find more!

Please note that I'm including Amazon links to the products I talk about.  If they aren't showing up you probably have Adblock running.  Please disable it for this page and refresh.  Please use the links if you find this information useful.  I make every effort to find the least expensive option for the recommended technology and this lets you support me if you find the information helpful to you.