Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A new project

Over the last few years I've been looking for something new to do.  Work is good, but honestly I've been looking for a new project to tie somethings together.  Last year my wife and I purchased a home that was built in the 60's.  Minimally updated and in need of a lot of love.  With the help of my friends I've ticked off some of the projects that are needed.  I've had to run through the process of how we accomplished the projects enough that I thought it might make an interesting video series.

This idea has grown into an idea for a YouTube series "Deep Dive DIY".  Basically showing the process of deciding on what equipment to use, ordering, sorting, getting permits, installing, testing, and finally resolving issues as they arise.  My main issue with other DIY shows is everything is too clean.  Rarely does anything go wrong, and when it does it's resolved by the behind the scenes team.  You also have a crew of carpenters and craftsmen helping off set ensuring projects are completed on the shows schedule.  Have you seen a basic bathroom remodel over two days, and when you try it yourself it takes more like a month?

This video project will be edited for time, but I will be including a real time clock showing how long the project is taking.  At the end of the project I will include a cost breakdown and a set of photos of the completed project.  Unlike other DIY shows the end of the project won't mean the end of information on the project.  As time progresses I will include information on energy usage, maintenance issues, and continuing costs or savings occurred.

The initial project is the installation of a Air Conditioning system in my home.  It's something I was going to tackle anyway, and it might prove to be interesting as unlike other AC installs you'll find on YouTube you'll see the entire project from start to finish.  Also I'm not a HVAC company using YouTube to solicit your business.  If things go well and and the Kickstarter is successful I have additional projects planned as stretch goals.  Ranging from installing a roof, Solar Hot water, Solar power, and a new boiler.  If things go extremely well I'm more than happy to tackle the Tesla Home Battery...  :)

Here's the project.  Please take a look, watch the video, and if the project sounds interesting please consider funding me.


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